Wolf Tree Specialists Inc. was founded in 1981 by Grover C. Wolf III. Mr. Wolf is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University holding a BS degree in Forest Science.

After more than a decade gaining valuable experience in residential and utility arboriculture, Mr. Wolf believed the time was right to begin offering professional tree care and forestry services in the Berks County area. Until that time Berks County residents choices were limited to self taught tree workers of limited experience and education.

National standards for tree care were emerging and it was time for Berks County to share in the ‘right way’ to have their trees treated. Since 1981, Wolf Tree Specialists personnel have assisted more than 8000 homeowners while Antietam Forestry Consultants, our forestry services division, has provided management on lands containing more than 100 million bd. ft. of timber resources.

Wolf Tree Specialists has been setting professional tree care standards in Berks County for more than thirty-five years and expects to continue leading the tree care profession in Berks County industry for the next thirty-five years.



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