Inital Contacts

First contact with Wolf Tree Specialists is often initiated by a phone call to our office with a request for an estimate or for a service to be provided. Office staff will usually request information from the caller and set up an appointment for a visit to the work site. Our E-mail address is provided for requests over the internet, although phone contact will usually follow to discuss the nature of the work in more detail.

Pruning & Removals / Estimates & Billing

Estimates are free, unless travel time is more than 30 minutes or if the estimate is being prepared for documentation or comparison purposes (i.e. insurance).

Estimates are normally prepared in our office and are e-mailed or sent to you as soon as possible.

Invoices are sent to your billing address when the work has been completed. We appreciate receiving your payment in our office within ten days of the invoice date.


As soon as an authorization is received in our office your job will be placed on our ‘job list’. During busy times of the year (summer and fall) a waiting period of a month or more is common. Waiting periods are not as long during less busy periods of the year. Our office staff will provide you with an approximate scheduling date, and can also schedule your job by appointment if there is a need for you to know precisely which day your work will be done.

We normally call you a day or two in advance before sending a crew to perform your work. If there is a conflict in timing a new work date can be established at that time.

Plant Health Care / Proposals and Billing

Proposals are normally mailed in early February so that you will have time to review your program for the growing season. Recommendations do not change much from one year to the next, although if changes are requested or if treatment schedules are modified to be more effective, a note is usually included to alert you to the new set of recommendations.

Invoices are mailed to you as soon as we receive confirmation. We ask that you sign and mail us the white copy of your proposal after choosing the treatments you desire. We do not send invoices for each individual treatment. Once we receive confirmation you will receive an invoice for the total program. A date about mid-way through the year is usually indicated as an expected payment date. Terms can be arranged if desired. Please call our office to speak to a representative.










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