Plant Health Care Programs

The term Plant Health Care or PHC refers to a total program of controlling pests and disease and providing proper soil supplements to assist a tree or shrub in surviving when nature isn’t cooperating.

Trees and shrubs have evolved over a long period of time along with plant pathogens and damaging pests. To a beetle, scale insect or spider mite your beautiful landscape looks like a smorgasborg. It’s meal time. The homeowner whose expensive landscape plants are the main course won’t be happy to be furnishing the meal. We’re here to help. Wolf Tree Specialists technicians are trained to spoil the party before the eating begins.

The guiding principle of PHC is borrowed from IPM or Integrated Pest Management, an agricultural system that includes monitoring to limit the unnecessary application of pesticides in our environment. Wolf Tree Specialists follows these guidelines including tolerating some incidental and usually insignificant damage to landscape plants, while preventing more serious and devastating damage that would destroy the health and beauty of the plant. This also saves time and material costs, in turn saving the homeowner money. Everyone wins. Except the bugs.

Wolf Tree Specialists technicians assess soil characteristics and prescribe supplements if warranted. Often plant health problems including pest outbreaks can be linked to other factors; for instance soil conditions, can create a stressed plant and make it a more inviting target to the pest. Being trained to evaluate the complete plant and it’s needs gives us an advantage over the pests and helps us limit the need for pesticides. Through the practice of PHC and implementing earth friendly controls, we all can have a safer and more beautiful environment.











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