Introduction to Plant Health Care/What We Do

Wolf Tree Specialists PHC technicians are trained to assess each landscape for it’s particular needs and implement a program to provide proper controls as needed. The guiding principle of PHC shares features associated with IPM, or Integrated Pest Management, an agricultural system that includes monitoring to limit the unnecessary use of pesticides.

Wolf Tree Specialists follows these guidelines. This includes tolerating incidental and usually insignificant damage to landscape plants, while preventing more serious and devastating damage that would destroy the health and beauty of the plant. This saves time and material costs, and in turn, saves the homeowner money. It’s a win –win for the homeowner, but not for the bugs.

Wolf Tree Specialists technicians will assess soil characteristics and prescribe supplements if warranted. Often plant health problems including pest outbreaks can be linked to other factors, for instance, soil conditions that have created a stressed plant and a more inviting target to the pest. Being trained to evaluate all of a plant’s needs helps us limit the need for applying pesticides by implementing more earth friendly controls, giving us all a safer and more beautiful environment.








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