Backyard Forestry

BAckyard Forestry

Many homeowners are fortunate to have a small wooded area as part of their yard, but often overlook the benefits this woodland might possess. Small wooded areas when properly managed, can include trails for exercise or observing wildlife, or possibly a special place to find a few moments of tranquility; perhaps a place to place a bench or build a campfire. These are simple pleasures, often from our childhood that are sometimes forgotten, but are a treasure to rediscover. For much less than the price of a pool or hot tub you can enjoy a setting very much like you might find in a state park. Professional treatment of your wooded area can create a personal woodland that can be enjoyed as if it were your own private park.

Our foresters and arborists have the knowledge, experience and equipment to implement the changes necessary to create an enhanced habitat for wildlife, build trails or encourage and care for special trees and shrubs that might be part of your new found woodland objectives. Our unique combination of forestry and arboriculture enables us to apply the principles of managing large forested areas to your backyard.

Your backyard wooded area can become a valued landscape asset returning hours of enjoyment. Call our office to talk to one of our foresters or arborists about this exciting opportunity.

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