Wolf Tree Specialists Inc. provides professional tree care and forestry services throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania. We are always looking for individuals who share our passion for forestry and trees and who would like to contribute to our community through the practice of this profession. We offer a great place to work as a forester or an arborist. Wolf Tree Specialists is a small company staffed with individuals who are committed to the highest levels of professional achievement, personal growth and career advancement.

We offer competitive salary and benefits including health insurance, vacation, sick days, retirement and paid holidays. At Wolf Tree Specialists, you will be given encouragement to explore opportunities for professional growth; will be given support to work independently and will have the benefit of problem solving with co-workers who have shared similar experiences.

Applicants should have a forestry or horticulture background, two or four year degree, or relevant experience and a strong desire to succeed in either an arborist or forestry position.

Interested applicants are invited to call, write or email with your specific interests in Wolf Tree Specialists Inc.

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